Spectrolite Large Diamond Statement Necklace M2O

Spectrolite Large Diamond Statement Necklace M2O


This large necklace has been sold, but I can order another large blue spectrolite stone for you and remake this necklace in this design style! It is made entirely of brass with the signature pattern stamp for the Aurora Borealis Collection part 1 stamped on the back and an extra large blue spectrolite (labradorite’s daughter stone) set in fine silver on the front. Each small wire part of this piece has been hammered, meticulously fit together and then soldered into place. On the back there’s a small window to show off more of the stone. The brass chain is 16” long. This product is M2O=made to order.

Please contact after check out so we can choose a stone!

This collection pushed what I considered to be “time consuming”. I thought past collections took a while (and they have) but this one takes the cake. The Aurora Borealis holds such beautiful magic and in many cultures, lots of mythology and lore. My goal was to wrap these beautiful stones that hold a small piece of the Aurora Borealis in a setting that abstractly reflects the feeling and visuals of looking at the Aurora Borealis.

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